Discover Kvaløya and Senja at its best.

Kvløya is Norways fifth largest island, and sits in county of Tromsø. It is a rugged landscape which offers every aspect of the mysterious Arctic. From white sandy beaches to majestic mountains, you are awed by the sights of the tour round the island. In fact we could stop there. But instead the route continues to the island of Senja, which takes your breath away. In short, you will have a week to remember for the rest of your life.

Intenerary Kvaløya/Senja - (May - August)


Vesterålen, Lofoten, Steigen and Hamarøy

The Lofoten archipelago is something that must be experienced in slow motion. The route starts off in Tromsø, but need not be fully accomplished. To experience the natural beaty of the Lofoten and arcipellago you need to do it in stages. Leave the boat for one day and climb one of the mountains to get a fantatic view of Lofoten. or you can wake up in a tent hanging from the cliff of a mountain.

Itinerary Lofoten - (May - August)


By far, the most beautiful costal route in Norway

From Bodø, you will sail the boat down to Brønnøysund and Vega with its 6000 islands, islets and shears. From there the week continous in slow motion along a coastline that really portrays the natural beauty of the north.

Itinerary Helgeland - (May - August)


Mystery Tour

The mystery tour is designed as its name as a mystery. From the comfort of your home, you will be sent on a tour of your lifetime. We will combine boat travel and on land excurisions to make this holiday special. And it is all inclusive. So all you need to worry about is the clothes you need to bring with you on the trip.

This offer is available for two to four persons.


Not The Candelight Supper

No, it is not a replica of the British sitcom "Keeping up appearances", but a boat trip accompanied with dinner. And hopefully, but not surely the Aurora Borealis will guide us along the way to the dinner destination outside Tromsø. From september till beginning of march, this offer is availbale on saturdays.


This is North-Norway

North-Norway is not only a magical region, it a magical kindom. The light, the drama, the uncotrollable nature and not to forget the frendliness of the locals. View the pictures lent fromSe mot nord.

Price list

The home port of the boat is in Tromsø. However it can be transported to Bodø for a fee of NOK kr. 3 000,-

It is also possible for individual setup of the suggested routes and days of rental. Send us an e-mail of your needs and we will do our outmoust best to accomodate you.

Alternative Description Price
Alternative 1 One week rental - Tromsø (1.mai - 31.aug). Kr. 15.000
Alternative 2 One week rentalt - Bodø (1.mai - 31.aug). Kr. 18 000
Alternative 3 Daily rental - Tromsø. Kr. 5 000
Alternative 4 Mystery Tour - 2/4 pax. Kr. 60 000
Alternative 5 The Candelight supper - 4 pax. Kr. 10 000


Nothing is seemingly impossible, it just takes time to accomplish. So, also with planning your dream holiday. It takes time. Send us your wishes for a dream holiday, and we will cooperate with you in making it happen.